What Led Me To Training.

Let’s jump in…I grew up in Small Town, Utah, as a hyperactive latchkey kid. With no supervision, my friends and I spent most of our time outside playing sports and riding bikes.The older I got the more sports ruled my life, especially baseball. I liked football, but I wasn’t big and wasn’t fast so that naturally came to an abrupt end by the time I got to highschool.When I got into highschool I picked up wrestling. I was never good, but this was where I first realized how important physical training was. This was also where I realized mental toughness was something that had to be exercised, and I had a long way to go.After highschool I joined the Marine Corps Infantry. I quickly realized that throughout basic training and the early years of my service that taking care of your body was key to succeeding in this environment. I learned this by failing a lot.I was in a fight to be the best version of myself during my military years. I learned more about myself in these few years than ever before. I began to work on my mental toughness, training, failing, and trying to learn from those failures. I also learned that the military is not what you expect, but it is what you make it, and mental attitude makes up for most of how we perceive the world regardless of the situation.I will continue to tell my story, and talk about training. Stay tuned!Work hard! Make less excuses!

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