A Touchy Subject.

First, I am not a doctor, my thoughts are through my own observation. Some of these things I am going to say are from my own personal outlook and stuff that had worked for me. Everybody’s biology, and genetic make up is different and I know we are not all the same.

Do you guys think that depression can be solved with exercise and hard diligent work? I believe that it can in many cases. Just simply for the fact that it has worked for me. Now, I was never diagnosed with clinical depression but I have had times in my life that have come on like waves where I feel, literally like I am drowning in life, but with know perception on what was going on.

The worst thing about it is that I had people telling me, “just be happy,” And anybody that knows this depression feeling also knows that you want to snap kick somebody in the face when they say that. I recognized what it was early on though and I decided that I knew it was going to be a long process but I was going to get through it. I decided to do things to give myself the best chance for getting over this.

First, I made my life about my kids, and tried to be the best dad I could. Not spoil them, just not be a lazy parent. If they wanted to play catch, or go fishing, or ride bikes I never said no. It was easy, fun, and allowed me to bond with them.

Next, I made sure I didn’t drink alcohol much. I like to have a drink, but I’ve never had issues with alcohol. I decided during this period to abstain almost entirely though. I figured a clear mind was a tough mind and that’s what I needed.

Also, I dove into exercise and eating right even more. Day in and out I would just crush myself, I felt like this also made my mind much more clear, it made me not feel helpless. Eating was a huge part of this, it only makes sense that eating correctly is good for your brain, and gave me a sense of control which was huge when you constantly feel like you have none.

There is also one more aspect to this that helped me get over my blue days, and this is where I think it gets touchy… Toughness… this helped, not giving in or saying that how I feel is normal, not allowing myself to except my own horrible thoughts. Knowing that I could get over it. Working to beat it was important for me in this aspect. I refused to sit back and look at it helplessly, take pills, and except that fact that it was my new normal. I attacked my weaknesses and refused to let my own brain beat me.

It worked for me, it took a good deal of time, probably around 2 years. I don’t want to undercut people who do these things and still can’t get through certain issues, we are all built different. What I hope I can do though, is maybe help somebody that isn’t doing these things and feels hopeless and make them see that with hard work, discipline and not allowing yourself to give up, depression like a lot of things is something you can get through.

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