Looks vs performance

I have been a little busy of late and honestly have been slacking off on doing these lately, so I apologize for my lack motivation. Let’s jump right into it though

Should we train for looks or performance? I would almost always say 100% without a doubt that you should always train for performance. In my opinion, training for performance allows you to set real concrete goals and work toward that goal.

I do believe there is a large problem with training for looks, well unless you are a legit body builder and are going to step on stage, that’s a different game. However, for the general public that wants to train, training for looks is a pretty depressing and fruitless indeavor, and it’s a mindset that can really suck you in. This way of training doesn’t produce anything but body dismorphea and an unhealthy eating disorder.

Let me explain, i do not think ever in my time doing this have I ever met somebody that is 100% happy with the way they look including myself. It’s always something, and in many instances it can vary from day to day. Which to me, means that it’s subjective, subjective on your mental state, subjective on other people’s opinions of what bodies are supposed to look like. The other thing is bodies vary so widely, genetically, on what they can look like. So, you see somebody that you want to look like in a magazine or on social media, and it may be absolutely impossible for you to look like that. That can really effect your mental state.

Instead though, training for performance, is the best, funnest and most engaging way to train in my opinion. It can vary widely on goals and can change and grow based on your interest. Maybe, your a guy that wants to hit a 225lbs bench press. Put a plan together and smash it. Once you get there, maybe it’s 20 strict pull ups, or a double body weight back squat. The ideas are almost infinite and in many cases can build off of each other making you increasingly better after reaching each goal.

Other great thing about training this way is that the body will just naturally come with it. If you focus on making your physique stronger then usually it will increasingly be a better physique. Feeling physically strong can be one of the most empowering things, and is a status symbol that can be powerful because it can never be bought, it just takes a lot of hard work.

Train hard, make less excuses.

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