My Training Progression Continued..

If you haven’t read the blog previous to this one please go back and start there. Titled “My Training Progression.”

About 3 years into my military service and I thought that I had started to figure out fitness. I had been through some physically tough schools, and my training had slowly evolved. Weight training was becoming a main staple in my training more and more. First, 3 days of weights a week and then 5-6 days a week coupled with 20-30 miles of running every week.

At this point I decided to try out for the Scout Sniper platoon in my battalion. I was scared, I knew I was in good shape but i honestly didn’t think i could do it. What happened was great though, I showed up to what they call an “Indoc” or Indoctrination. Which is basically a week of the current sniper platoon members running you through series of mental and physical tests, most of them being under stress, weather you are hungry or tired. I did well through this process to my surprise, and I think the reason I did was that I showed up not knowing what to expect.

I showed up thinking I would be the worst person there in the worst shape and I was going to get crushed. However, as I looked to the left and to the right as we were doing this week long of events, I started to build confidence, I remember thinking “Well if that guy can do it I can do it.” I made it, into the platoon, and believe it or not I was doing well enough that I was offered a spot to go to sniper school after only being in the platoon for a month. This was pretty rare, many guys can be in these platoons for years before the get chance to go due to deployments, training, and availability.

I was happy with myself and proud too, I started training harder. When I wasn’t actually at the sniper school, Which was very difficult itself, I made my training so it would help me for my deployment to Afghanistan coming up. Pack runs and weighted pull ups were main staples of my new training. Bench Press, Power cleans, squats were all starting to get worked in to my program as well. Being around other like minded men that liked to train made it easy for me to learn new routines.

Essentially what my training turned into was Crossfit, or HIIT training or what ever you want to call it, coupled with lots of running. I am not saying that Crossfit is the best training system, in fact i really think that it vary’s depending on your goals, but with what i wanted to do I thought this is the best training for me. To this day my training revolves around Crossfit style of movements and intensity coupled with body building and movements, but i will get to all of that later.

Remember when I was training for deployment I still had platoon and battalion training that we he had to do. Long weeks in the field, ranges and war games had to take priority. Because of this my training had to be something that could be quick and crush me at times which is why I gravitated towards High intensity training. I could do things like air squats, burpees, and push ups out in the field as well with no equipment.

All of us have things going on in life, and exercise is no the most convenient thing. Jobs, kids, school, the military, whatever you have going can make it hard. However, I have learned that gaining confidence, motivation, and energy through training has helped me do all those things I mentioned above better. So get up early, stay up late, sacrifice 20 minutes of your lunch or whatever you have to do to fit the fitness in, I promise you won’t regret it.

I will be back with more soon!

Train hard, Less excuses.

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