Forging Your Path

I am going to take a break from the history of my path to talk about excuses and mental toughness. This comes from many conversations I have with people that I feel like want things but can’t seem to figure out that hard work and dedication are important factors in achieving, not making excuses.

We all make them, I try to recognize and stop myself but occasionally they do happen. Excuses are cancer, and I mean that in a pretty literal term. They grow and spread into all areas of of life, just like cancer grows.

You’re not in shape because your busy, You don’t have the job you want because you got screwed over, you don’t eat right because it’s expensive, you don’t go to college because there is no time or money.

These are small things that I here from so many people and frankly they are all bullshit. You really want to get in shape, get up early or stay up late.. if you have 30 minutes you can get in shape. Eating right is not expensive, fruit and vegetables are cheap along with pork and chicken, you know what’s not cheap fast food.

I am a guy that looks in shape, I coach at a local gym on the side ( I work for the Army currently for an Environmental office as my main job) and so I get people that ask me why I spend so much time working out. The reality is I don’t, I workout for 60-90 minutes a day, but I do it when people are sleeping or on my lunch break and I don’t let myself make the excuse that I can’t get it in.

This tenant works in all things, once I got out of the military I wanted to go to college. I made excuses why I couldn’t, I have little kids and I don’t have time, I have work, and the list went on. I finally took the plunge and took one class, then another, I realized that this hard work was like working out, or any other hard work, it just took sacrifice. Before I knew it I was going full time and graduated in 3 years.

I’m not boasting, in fact it’s quite the opposite, I say these things so people will read them and get inspired, I have no more energy, or time in a day than anybody else, I’m not exceptionally intelligent or blessed with family members that can give me money in case I need it. I have bills, an ex wife, and busy kids. My human experience is a very common one, but I choose to continue down a path of discipline and less excuses.

Less excuses means more accountability, and this accountability allows us to take on more responsibility, and responsibility is the key to success in all parts of life.

Life is a struggle for all of us, thick skin, a kind heart, and learning how to be tough are essential to a good life. So, on that I want to touch on one more thing before I go.

Toughness, this thing we call toughness is not something that is given. It’s more like a muscle, it has to be exercised. I don’t mean getting in fights or trying to beat on people to show you are tough. I more mean, mental toughness. If you don’t put yourself through hard things and build your toughness I think you will waiver in your efforts much faster.

Doing hard things are what separate people, you will never meet a self made person that hasn’t grinded for a long time. They have suck to the course, they have failed, corrected, and tried again.

Train hard, make less excuses.

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