Training Through Injury

Training through injuries can be tricky depending what your injuries are, but it’s possible to train through just about all of them.

I say just about all of them because there is a few you can’t. For example, I had a disc in my neck replaced a few years ago. That was one injury, that at least for a little while that I couldn’t train at all. I was on strictly no training for 4 weeks. After that I was on body weight movements and cardio for 4 more months. I did what I could and made sure that I listened to my body and backed off when I didn’t feel right, but it was hard, I was frustrated and wanted to lift weights, I was losing weight, my strength was going quickly, and I didn’t feel great about myself a lot of the time.

Having said all that, most injuries you can train though, I have had two knee injuries that required surgery. Obviously I couldn’t squat for a while so I focused on upper body moments like pull ups and pressing movements. I strengthened my core and ate correctly. I believe that doing all of those things will help you recover from injury gaster, even if it is more of a mental hurdle that you get over faster. It makes your feel like you are doing something positive and seeing yourself up to jump right back into regular training

Injuries to me are more mental anyway. You’re working toward a goal and then it gets derailed by injury. So what do you do? You just reassess and create a new plan. Don’t get stuck in unproductive thinking, such as, ” I can’t do squats because I’m hurt.” Or, ” I can’t run because the doctor said.” Focus on things you can do and talk to yourself positive in that way. If you have a knee injury focus on your bench press, or doing more pull ups, whatever it is have a new positive focus somewhere else.

If you have an injury that prevents you from training at all it’s probably a good time to pick up another positive hobby that you are allowed to do. Read more, take a class that interests you, plan out your training that will bring you back up to where you were once you are healthy again. Whatever it is, it needs to be positive.

Injuries are just part of training and how you deal with them is a big factor in how long you can remain in the training game. If you get injured and it’s always a “why me,” or “this is stupid,” approach you probably are not going to last long. Deal with them and move forward and understand that every injury is really just a chance for you to learn and maybe focus on something you have been neglecting.

Remember train hard, less excuses.

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