Effective Training

We’ve all seen this, He/she walks in the gym, straight to the dumbbell rack, no warm up, right into bicep curls. Set those down for the next thing, calf raises, finishing off with tricep extensions. I want to shake these people and explain to them they are literally waisting their time. Now, look I know we all start somewhere, we all have to learn and it takes time. However, the internet is filled with a million different good workout routines, you can literally type in what you are trying to accomplish and you will get thousands of different programs.

I’ve already talked about the most important movements I think people should do, so I won’t dive into specific exercises, but come on guys, it’s common sense, the farther you move a weight and the more weight that you use, the stronger you are going to get. Who really needs to do calf raises? Some bodybuilder that is dialing in his training to get that last edge in order to be more symmetrical, that’s really it.

Bicep curls are great as an accessory movement, but if you want real results, and want to build real strength please focus your training around large, multi joint, compound movements (squats, presses, cleans, deadlifts). It’s not complicated but it is hard. I’m so tired of seeing this time and time again.

I have been doing this long enough now that I train instinctively. I use to write all my workouts down and make sure I was hitting things very regimented, but I have found over the years that I listen to my body and I also know what I need to do, and what I need to work on. There are no real surprises anymore if I slack off in one area I can feel it, and so I know what to change accordingly.

My training is still fairly regimented though. I squat on Monday’s, for a couple of reasons, Sundays are for the family so I usually don’t train that day. So, Monday I am coming off a rest day, this means I usually feel pretty good Monday. The other reason I do it, is purely for convience, most people want to bench so I know it’s going to be easier to squat if I am in a big gym. Tuesdays, I press, bench, overhead, push up, dips etc… All pressing things. Wednesday I pull, pull ups, cleans, bent over rows, deadlift, dumbbell rows etc… Thursday is usually cardio and anything I feel like I have neglected, snatches, core, things like that. Friday, is like a hard CrossFit day, lots of metabolic conditioning and more squatting, Saturday is dependent on how I feel, and Sunday is an off day. I also may take one other rest day in there depending on how I feel.

Back to no warm up, micro movement guy/gal. Please, do your research, the other thing you are not doing is burning any Calories at all or energy, or requiring your body to adapt. Adaptation is key to building strength, so you have to do hard things to require the body to adapt. Also, warm up for heaven’s sake, if you really don’t want to train much keep not warming up, you will be injured constantly, especially as you age.

Do your research and train hard, this day and age there is no real excuse on not knowing what to do, between Google and YouTube nothing should be unknown. I can help anyone that needs it as well. So reach out if needed.

Train hard, make less excuses.

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