What Do Genetics Do?

Do genetics matter when training? Of course they do! Kind of..

If that answer seems confusing I accomplished exactly what I was trying to. The line is blurred and it’s not always obvious what is genetic and what is hard work, but there are some things that are definitely genetic and some things that are definitely not. A good and obvious example of Genetic gifts would be what LeBron James was born with to play basketball vs. me. He’s 6’9ish ripped, fast, smart, great cardio. Is some of this because he trains hard, of course. But if anybody said I could work hard and play basketball as good as LeBron I would laugh in there face. Another example I once heard is that Bo Jackson could dunk a basketball when he was 12, I doubt Bo was doing much jump training in those days, and I could have spent my life training to dunk a basketball and it would have never happened when I was 12. So people do have some obvious gifts, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t train because of where are limits are, chances are we won’t reach those limits anyway.

So, first I would say, acknowledge that genetic gifts exist, understand that you are probably not going to be the best at everything or even one thing for most of us, but strive to push yourself to be the best you can be, and don’t use genetics as an excuse for why some people are better than you. I am going to beat a dead horse here, but excuses in general are not a productive way to approach your life. Even if you could argue that the excuse is valid. I bring the genetics argument up because so many guys that are regular lifters see a guy that is bigger, leaner, or just better and think that it’s because he has better genetics, or he’s on gear. When in reality maybe this person is just more disciplined. When you see somebody like that, you shouldn’t accuse them of cheating, you should ask yourself what you are doing. Are you sleeping enough? Hows your diet? How much alcohol do you drink? And the last question that everybody usually skips, are you actually training hard?

I think everyone should train for themselves and focus on meeting the top of their own genetic potential, it sounds cliche but if you constantly worry about what everybody else is doing you are probably always going to feel like you are never doing enough, because people hide the parts of their lives they are failing in or need lots of work at. I will tell you that for almost all of us we are never going to hit our genetic potential in most things, and it’s because we have lives that are busy and hectic and we don’t have time to consistently focus on thing, day in and day out.

Because of that there is a bright side, if we do the right things… Eat right, train hard, take care of our shit, we should be able to constantly improve over a long enough time line. We may have to adjust at times and refocus but life is a marathon and there is always time to kick it up a notch.

Train hard, make less excuses

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